Robert Kuzelj

Hi, I am the CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) of Jusai-Marketing.

I do the software development for our games and the backend servers and I like to do sales stuff.

In my previously life I was the CEO of a payment company managing 50 employees and 4.5 million in turnover. See me bio at linkedin.

I am a Civilization addict and at the moment my favorite casual game is Osmos.

Bernhard Reiterer

Hi, I am not always upside down but games are different.

When I don't play, I am our CFO (Chief Fun Officer) - You might think all that numbers stuff is boring, nothing like games and fun and emotion, but hey it has to be done.

In my not so spare time, I market Jusai and I manage agency relationships.

And I am really into Kingdom Rush.

Aleksandar Roth

Hi I am Alex I am the CCO (Chief Creative Officer) over here.

I create the game visuals and the animations.

I was always into the art of illustration and the magic that gives life to them, animation. Read my blog for more.

Sometimes they have to remove me by force from my computer while playing Neverhood.