Games for every platform
Reach out to your consumers on every gadget and every platform.

Our scalable and white labeled game platform allows to easily launch games in your CI on your platform.

Skinning and behaviour is quickly applied using the intuitive game builder. If you need a very specific game behaviour, then our strong development team is happy to custom make it for you.

Standardized reporting tools allow you a continuos monitoring - and if you identify the need to adapt game mechanics, you simply go back to the game builder and try some simulations. The real-time monitoring will show you the impact immediatly.

If you need special intelligence, we can assist you in tailoring additional reports and ad hoc queries.


Our platform is based on the most recent web and mobile (Android, iOS) standards.

The client side uses Java, RubyMotion and libraries like Cocos2d for engine development. While Node.js and puts stellar performance on our servers. All administrative applications are built on Ruby on Rails.

To keep maintenance low and provide you with the best price AND highest availability, most modules are embedded in the secure environment of a prominent cloud hoster.