... Robert's spouse got from a furniture store and her not so kind reaction to it.

A voucher worth a whopping 8€. For a furniture store? Are you kidding me?

This got us in a heated discussion about consumer marketing and customer loyalty in the age of the internet.

It became obvious to us that acting in a totally transparent market is really, really hard for a brand.

If you are selling goods and services that can be copied or emulated with a few clicks world wide that is a damn hard job.

Over a few more beers (from a Bavarian Weissbier brand of course) we came to the realization that the most successful brands are not only selling good products or services - no, they are selling emotions. Look at likes of Coke, Nike, Apple etc. Its very much about emotions.

Now it was but only a small step. What is a good vehicle for emotions? Games is! And therefore games is marketing.

The final step was to realize that with Roberts development and management capabilities, Bernhards extensive knowledge about marketing and product management and Aleksandars work with animations and games we had all the ingredients for creating a company that can deliver exciting games to brands even with a much smaller budgets that Coke, Nike or Apple.